Quick Response Containment

Quick Response Containment

Quick Response Containment

Whether you require us on site at your location, warehousing centre or customer location our skilled and professional Inspection Expert representatives can carry out attributive and variable inspection methods to ensure your supply chain is cleansed in the shortest possible lead time.

Should the need arise your potential non-conforming product can be re-diverted to our Coventry UK PDI Centre where the required steps can be taken before releasing as confirmed OK product back into the supply chain.

A CKQ Job Information Pack is made available for all required inspection & rework tasks ensuring our Quick Response team maintain our CKQ Methodology and standards

What Makes Us Different – Customer Focus

  • Job Specific – PPE Requirements
  • Escalation Process
  • Customer Specific – Site Rules & Regulations
  • WIS – Work Inspection Sheet
  • WIS – Training Records
  • Standard Process Sheet (Line balance/Process Confirmation)
  • Key Points – Visual Standards
  • Job Specific – Risk Assessment
  • CK Quality Contact List


Our CK Quality Job Information Pack is issued as standard for all customer short term containment activity

Our aim is to provide quality data to assist your problem solving process


  • Parts Inspected vs Rejects – Visual Indicator
  • Daily Fall out Percentages – Visual Indicator
  • Checked vs Reject Table – By Shift & Day Resolution
  • By Failure Mode Pareto – Visual Indicator
  • PPM rolling trend charts over time
  • Long term Quality Feedback – Drill down failure mode analysis


Our CK Quality Job Control Reports are issued all customers on a weekly basis. Longer term data analysis available on request