CK Quality
Providing Quality & Operational Support Solutions for greater than 15 years,
within the Automotive and Non-Automotive Industry
Our Team are available to utilise their vast experience of Business Transformation
through Continuous Improvement & Quality Systems Basic Methodologies
At CKTA we have a passion for placing fantastic people, into fantastic jobs!

About Us

CK Group are a family-run, professional and energetic company

Founded by Pat Herbert Snr and based in the West Midlands, CK-Q have provided Quality and Operational Support solutions for greater than 15 years, within the Automotive & Non-Automotive Industry. CK-TA, the Talent Acquisition arm of the CK Group, offers Engineering, Skilled & Technical recruitment services across a range of industries. Our longstanding customer base includes OEM, Tier 1 & 2 suppliers across the UK and Europe.

At CK Group we have clearly selected our leadership team based on the diversity of their previous positions, skills and experience. Whilst our leaders share a common vision and goals, they each bring with them an area of expertise that is critical to the smooth running and success of our business.

APQP/Launch Readiness & Support

our services

CSL1 & CSL2 Support

In the situation where you feel the need to ‘lock down’ on potential product quality flow out risks, or your customer takes the step of enforcing Control Shipping to protect themselves from the impact and risk of receiving non-conforming product. CKQ can help and help doesn’t have to come with a huge impact to your Cost of Poor Quality.

APQP/Launch Readiness & Support

Whether it’s Project Engineer resourcing or specific APQP elements you require out sourcing CKQ can support you. With our own template for Launch Readiness Assessments we can aid with identifying your process and documentation error states and provide support with the resolution.

Business Improvement Coaching & Support

We have vast experience of Business Transformation through Continuous Improvement and Quality System Basic methodologies. Our team are available to help you develop your business improvement plans and provide PMO support and facilitation through ‘100 Day Plan’ methodology to ensure effective and sustainable deployment of operational excellence.

QMS or Manufacturing System Transition Planning, Execution & Auditing

If its introducing a QMS in line with industry standard or customer specific methodologies such as QSB CKQ can assist you. Our experienced team have vast experience in introducing, updating and achieving QMS and Manufacturing Systems.

Quick Response Containment

Whether you require us on site at your location, warehousing centre or customer location our skilled and professional Inspection Expert representatives can carry out attributive and variable inspection methods to ensure your supply chain is cleansed in the shortest possible lead time.


We have a passion for placing fantastic people into fantastic jobs! Becoming an extension of the HR / Recruitment team within world class manufacturers and businesses, and assisting these teams with the exciting process of finding their next new employee / contractor, is what we’re all about.

Customer Endorsements

We received an excellent service from the CK Talent Acquisition team who placed a number of very experienced multi-disciplined professionals with us

Quality Director
Tier 1

Our relationship with CK Quality is excellent and at present we are considering using their personnel as support in other aspects of our business

Quality Manager
Tier 1

Their willingness to assist, responsiveness, pro-activeness and flexibility makes CK Quality our first point of call when assistance is needed

Quality Engineer
Tier 1

They now support our 3 plants within the UK. Our customer defects have stopped and the quality of data provided mean we can fix the internal issues quickly

UK Group QM
Tier 1 Automotive

I have personally witnessed the efforts and commitment your team show, day in, day out – Especially with the added pressure of the customer being on site. 1 escape in 650,000 parts!!

STA Engineer
UK Automotive OEM

CKQ provide an excellent service and in comparison to similar services they have a very quick response time, well thought of by my customer (our OEM customer made a statement that it’s the best firewall they have ever seen) and have very competitive rates

UK Group QM
Driveline Technologies
Tier 1

CK Quality have assisted with Root Cause Analysis, Operator Training and other processes that smooth the introduction of new products and improve our communication with our client

Launch Manager
Tier 1

Your supervisor and his hard-working team deserve recognition for their efforts. They were the main influence in us avoiding CSL2

STA Engineer
UK Automotive OEM