We’re extremely lucky at CKTA to have clients that enter into partnerships with us and work with us to ensure that extending their recruitment team to include CKTA, is a great decision.

Talent Acquisition

At CKTA we have a passion for placing fantastic people into fantastic jobs! Becoming an extension of the HR / Recruitment team within world class manufacturers and businesses, and assisting these teams with the exciting process of finding their next new employee / contractor, is what we’re all about.

We see a successful Talent Acquisition team being made up of two main skill sets. Recruitment experts & Industry experts. The industry experts within CK Group have a very recent background of sitting on the customer’s side of the table and bring great experience and in-sight to the recruitment processes (whilst upskilling our recruitment experts with some great knowledge at the same time).

Customer Liaison & Resident Engineering
APQP/Launch Readiness & Support

Winning formula

No outsourced Talent Acquisition Service can offer you a 100% guarantee that your next hire will be perfect for the role and will stay forever and a day, but at CK:TA we believe we have the winning formula to give you the best possible service and possibility of hiring success: –

Fabulous Talent Acquisition Specialists – Resourcing professionals that pride themselves on their Industry knowledge and their great networking and talent pipelining skills (and loving what they do!)

Industry Experts – A leadership team who have a strength of knowledge and experience in Quality, Manufacturing across a range of industries, that work hand in hand with the Talent Acquisition Team to create a recruitment super force!

Ability and Personality Psychometrics – That extra layer to give our clients the confidence that they know a bit more about their potential new employee and what drives and motivates them. We can even work with you to carry out Personality Psychometric Profiling within your existing team and tailor our search accordingly, to find the best fit.

Working with our clients

We are quite often asked what the difference is between Talent Acquisition and Recruitment. For us, it’s about going the extra mile to ensure that our process offers so much more than just matching the details on a job description to the words on a CV. It’s about consistently building our network and getting to know our candidates, their talents, their ambitions and understanding their needs. Finally, we feel that Talent Acquisition is about working with our clients to understand their employer brand and selling the opportunity to the best candidates for the job!

We’re extremely lucky at CK:TA to have clients that enter into partnerships with us and work with us to ensure that extending their recruitment team to include CK:TA, is a great decision.

CSL1 & CSL2 Support

Customer Endorsement

Through a very turbulent period of change, our business was heavily reliant on Technical Contract resource. We received an excellent service from the CK Talent Acquisition team, who placed a number of very experienced, multi-disciplined professionals with us. It was critical to our business that our additional resource could hit the ground running and provide immediate relief to our existing team. CK, on each occasion, have a real knack for understanding your needs for hard and soft skill sets and are a great team to work with.

Quality Director – Electronics – Tier 1