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Reporting to: Metrology and Conformance Manager

Wipac Technology Limited is Europe’s leading automotive lighting designer and manufacturer for the luxury and supercar markets. We supply headlamps and rear lamps for many of the world’s most iconic car brands. Wipac has grown significantly in recent years and was sold to a large Chinese corporation Anrui Optoelectronics at the end of 2019.  Anrui have a strong desire to invest significantly and continue to grow their share of the European and North American automotive lighting markets.   Wipac is focused on its transformation to be a world-class manufacturer and as such wants to attract the best individuals who have the drive and commitment to contribute to the positive change of the business.

Scope: 3D scanning and measurement is in relationship to moulded child parts and sub-assemblies. From writing of programmes in Polyworks to actual scanning and reporting, in the form of ‘FAIR’ CTS reporting and liaison with Design staff to optimization of drawing measurement features and tolerances.

Responsibility: Metrology Engineers will be responsible for all aspects of 3D scanning and measurement for new products coming into Wipac Buckingham. The role is a ‘fact based role’ all opinions should go via Metrology Manager.

Summary of Duties:

  • The engineer pre-develops programmes for measurement using Poly-works and then work with the measurement technician to scan and report on the results of the measurement to release drawings at each revision and at each modification, trial parts will also be reported when corrections have taken place.
  • The engineer reports any deviations to the tooling Project team to be included in CTS.
  • The engineer will work with design to optimise measurement features and tolerances within DIN16742 to ensure parts are in specification.
  • The primary task is to ensure all child parts have programmes for 3D scanning and that there is a report of each revision level.

Primary duties: (This form part of your normal day to day tasks).

Advanced Quality Planning (Incl. Inspection Planning).

  • Complete a programme for all incoming child parts to ensure they are measured at each drawing revision.
  • Develop measurement programmes for all child mould parts.

Quality support of programme

  • Ensure all of the project team have CTS data as soon as parts are available.
  • Issue FAIR for all mould parts by drawing release.
  • Check CTS corrections.
  • Check modification (Drawing release past Rev A).
  • First off inspections reports for all moulded parts.


Support duties: (This forms part of your normal day to day tasks but come second to your primary duties).

Continuous Improvement (Process)

  • Investigate any assembly related issues as agreed with the Metrology Manager.
  • Improvement in the reporting and 3D scanning process.

Analysis and Reporting

  • Support CTS for all child mould parts from a measurement aspect.
  • Mould child part drawings, liaise and update with design personnel
    • Feature to be measured and tolerances.
  • First off inspections reports for all moulded parts.
  • Statistical studies will need to be complete on request.
    • All studies must be approved by Metrology Manager

Special duties: (You must perform these duties as and when required).

Customer liaison

  • Support of customer quality representative’s on projects.

These duties and responsibility may be changed as required.

In carrying out these duties and responsibilities they will be supported by the Management team and the quality department and staff at Wipac Ltd.

Health & Safety:  The Metrology Engineer must take care at all times to comply with the Company’s Health & Safety policy.

Housekeeping: To maintain high levels of housekeeping in all areas for which the job holder is responsible.

Job Information

Status: Open No of vacancies: 1 Job type: Full Time Job level: All Salary: £40,000.00 / Per Year

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